Monday, April 30, 2012

Teacher Appreciation - Day 2

Love this one!  I found it on Pinterest too!  But again my own twist is the cute chevron stripe cup that I found at the grocery store for cheap!   I put individual lemonade packets in each one of the cups, put the teachers name on it and topped it with a sign that says "Thank you for "aid"ing in my growth!"  Seriously I really do love my kids teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Is anyone else as excited about Teacher appreciation week??????  I have been planning on it for weeks!  I knew I was a little "different" (sometimes I just like to use quotation marks for the heck of it ok) when I was in the grocery store today and another Mom was looking for teacher appreciation week and she was "Not as excited as me." I have every day of the week planned out and she was just trying to find a piece of chocolate for her kids teachers.....NOT that there is anything wrong with that!  If you know me you know I am easily excited by something like this! So here we go! Here is the line up at my kids school -
Monday - Flowers
Tuesday - Drink
Wednesday - Candy
Thursday - Color
Friday - Handmade Cards

Ok so I can not take credit for the ideas!!!  I found most of them on Pinterest!  But I have recreated them with my own twist.  This first one I made tags that say "Thank you for helping me bloom!!" Love this idea and it cost me a total of $4.00!  I plan on posting every gift this week to share the fun!  So go appreciate those teachers!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The funnest pillow project!

This was such a ridiculously cute project to work on!  I got to make some pillows and pads for a playhouse for my husbands sweet little cousin!  Can you just imagine all the house to be played and memories to be made!  I loved my playhouse and I hope she will feel the same!  

Rufin' the back yard!

Over spring break we decided to go camping at a state park not to far from our house but......ended up in the back yard!  Lets be is way more convenient with 2 kids! We had so much fun!  I would suggest it for everyone!  We cooked over an open fire!  Not only did we cook....we had risotto and fried cherry pies just for starters....seriously yummy and fun!  

 The dog even had a blast!

Just for laughs lets look at the exhibit below about how I am seriously not as hard core about 'rufin it' as I used to be.....funny stuff!

1 - Canned cherry filling
2 - Canned crescent rolls
3 - Blackberry phone
4 - being just down the hill from air conditioning and a shower :)

Rufin it at its finest!  But so fun though!  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shoe up-cycle!

I have a shoe re-do for you!  I bought these shoes over a year ago and I was not crazy about the before because the flower that was on there would bounce around every time I took a step......annoying.  So yesterday the cooler weather outside was my inspiration.  I have a sweater that is marigold and I wanted to have that color somewhere else in my outfit so it would make sense.  So I took the old flower off and quickly made a new flower on my shoe out of some fabric I had in my fabric closet and voila! I love love them!

Have an amazing weekend!!  -- Johnna

Thursday, September 29, 2011

10th Anniversary!

  Today is my 10th wedding anniversary!  Happy happy happy anniversary to us!  I can not believe that it has been that seems impossible.  We are going on a special anniversary trip in a couple of weeks back to North Carolina where it all started.  Hunter and I are going to go and do all the things that we did together in college....I can not wait!

This morning I woke up to this sweet sign that Hunt made with the kids.

Love it!  Then to top it off Ellie surprised us with a anniversary breakfast!!!  Yummy combo here, scrambled eggs and almonds!

What a fun an amazing day we are sure to have!  Johnna

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Booing!

I am so excited that October is here!  With it comes one of my favorite neighborhood traditions -  "Booing" your neighbors.  I came up with a "You've been Booed" sign I wanted to share so you can join in the fun too.   

Happy Booing!  - Johnna